Versatile latching relays suit wide range of applications

11-05-2015 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Omron's new G5RL U/K latching relays are now available from TTI Europe. They
target movement control, smart meter, power line switching and PV inverters
and similar applications.

Latching relays are only energised while switching and use less power than
non-latching designs in most applications. Both the G5RL-U and the G5RL-K
can switch up to 16A and are capable of dealing with inrush currents of up
to 150A. Both are offered in SPST-NO form, and are approved to a VDE
standard demanding resistance to over 150A inrush. They also carry UL TV-8,
a standard that exposes components to 117A inrush currents. The G5RL-U
features a single coil whilst the G5RL-K has a double coil architecture. A
lower-specification SPDT version is also available.

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