Versatile range of midspans offers easy PoE to any Ethernet infrastructure

11-05-2015 | Solid State | Power

Solid State Supplies is now stocking the full range of Microsemi Power over Ethernet (PoE) midspans, which allow the powering devices over new or existing Ethernet infrastructure containing non-PoE switches. The portfolio also includes the PD-OUT-SP11 surge protector for indoor or outdoor use with any PoE or Ethernet equipment. The midspans are available in single-port, 4-port and multi-port configurations with up to 1000W total power. The units support current PoE standards including IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at, as well as the latest Power over HDbaseT (PoH) type 1 and type 2. PoH has provision for supplying up to 95W to powered devices using existing CAT-5 or better cabling. A number of single-port endpoints are available offering outputs from 15.4W to 95W. 30W, 40W and 60W variants are ideal for powering emerging high-power applications such as IEEE 802.11n wireless access points, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, videophones, access-control devices, thin clients and POS equipment. The PD-9601G 95W single-port midspan can also be used to power wireless base stations, physical access control with door locks, or televisions and interactive displays. An SP version with integral surge protection is also available. The PD-3504G 4-port midspan can supply 15.4W per port for IP telephones, wireless LAN access points, security network cameras and IP terminals. The multi-port range includes PD-6500, PD-9000, PD-9500 and PD-9600 midspans with up to 24 ports. These provide up to 60W per port depending on the selected model, and can be managed using the Microsemi PowerView Pro Management secure web-based/SNMP Remote Network Management System. This system provides monitoring and management features, and supports remote rebooting of devices. By supporting the full range of midspans, Solid State Supplies is also able to support customers needing the PD-9001GO, PD-9501GO and PD-9002GHO series, which are specially featured for outdoor deployment. The units are IP66 rated, operate over an extended temperature range, and offer various options such as an AC or DC power input, integral surge protection, and support for Plug ’n Play installation. The PD-OUT-SP11 surge protector protects all eight power and data lines against surges up to 10kV, and so can be used with any Ethernet or PoE equipment including midspans without integral protection. The waterproof, IP66-rated unit is easy to install and connect, is UL 497B approved, and meets the important IEC61643-21, ITU-T K.45 and GR-1089 surge standards. High-quality construction ensures superior service lifetime, even in areas where lightning strikes are frequent. To support the range of midpsans, Solid State Supplies is also stocking Microsemi accessories including PoE tester, power-conversion active splitters for power conversion that provide 24V, 12V or 5V outputs for the various endpoint models, and a PoE extender. The PoE tester has multiple capabilities including identifying Endspan or Midspan Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) in the network, says the company.

By Electropages Admin