Versatile 50V / 3A power modules suit many distributed power systems

28-05-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Aimed at applications such as industrial, medical, telecom, and automotive distributed power systems, Micrel MIC28303 50V / 3A power modules are now available from Mouser. The units combine in a single package a DC-DC controller, power MOSFETs, bootstrap diode, bootstrap capacitor and an inductor. The MIC28303 feature a unique adaptive ON-time control architecture and a supply range from 4.5V to 50V. It can also be used to supply up to 3A of output current and is adjustable down to 0.8V with a guaranteed accuracy of ±1%. The devices operate with a programmable switching frequency from 200kHz to 600kHz. The MIC28303 offers protection features like under-voltage lockout, internal soft-start, fold-back current limit, 'hiccup mode short-circuit protection, and thermal shutdown.

By Craig Dyball