Integrated AFE suits many ultrasonic sensing measurement needs

01-04-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Available now from Mouser, the Texas Instruments (TI) TDC1000 Integrated
analog front-end (AFE) is designed for ultrasonic sensing measurements of
level, fluid identification / concentration, flow, and proximity/distance
applications common in automotive, industrial, medical, and consumer

When paired with TI's MSP430/C2000 MCU, power, wireless and source code, it
can provide the complete ultrasonic sensing solution. The ultrasonic AFE
offers programmability and flexibility to accommodate a wide-range of
applications and end equipment.

The TDC1000 can be configured for multiple transmit pulses and frequencies,
gain, and signal thresholds for use with a wide-range of transducer
frequencies (31.25kHz to 4MHz) and Q-factors. Similarly, the programmability
of the receive path allows ultrasonic waves to be detected over a wider
range of distances/tank sizes and through various mediums, says the company.

Applications include measurements through tanks of varying materials, fluid
Level / fluid identification / concentration, flow metering (water / gas /
heat, and distance / proximity sensing.

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