Fully-certified EZ-BLE PRoC module provides end-to-end solution

14-04-2015 | Cypress | Subs & Systems

Cypress Semiconductor has introduced a Bluetooth Smart module that provides
an end-to-end Bluetooth Low Energy solution. The new, small-form-factor
EZ-BLE PRoC module - based on Cypress’s PRoC BLE Programmable Radio-on-Chip
solution - includes Bluetooth 4.1 qualification and worldwide regulatory
certification, greatly simplifying design and cutting time to market.
Cypress is the single supplier for silicon, software, firmware and module
hardware, streamlining the customer support required to develop remote
controls, health and fitness equipment, home appliances, toys and other
wireless applications.

The EZ-BLE PRoC module integrates the programmability and ARM Cortex-M0 core
of PRoC BLE, two crystals, an on-board chip antenna, metal shield and
passive components, all in a compact 10mm x 10mm x 1.8mm form factor.
Customers designing with the module can apply to add the Bluetooth logo on
their products by referring to Cypress’s Qualification Design Identification
(QDID) 67366, a unique serial number assigned by the Bluetooth SIG.
Additionally, the module is compliant with wireless regulatory standards in
the U.S., Canada, Japan, Korea and Europe, says the company.

"The module saves customer approximately $200,000 in development, testing
and certification costs," said Dave Solda, director, Module Business Unit,
Cypress. “The EZ-BLE PRoC module leverages our innovative PRoC BLE IC and
the success of our proven module portfolio. Cypress has world-class,
cost-efficient manufacturing capabilities for both silicon and modules,
positioning us well for a long-term play in the Bluetooth Smart market.”

Designers looking to create Bluetooth Smart products must often use software
tools from multiple vendors and develop complex firmware to meet wireless
specifications. Cypress has abstracted the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol
stack and profile configuration into a royalty-free, GUI-based BLE component
that can be dragged and dropped into designs using Cypress’s PSoC Creator™
integrated design environment (IDE). PSoC Creator enables complete system
design in a single tool.

Application details for Cypress’s BLE Component are embedded in PSoC Creator
with examples of all supported Bluetooth Low Energy profiles and hundreds of
example projects for mixed-signal system designs. The BLE Pioneer
Development Kit gives users easy access to the Cypress Bluetooth Low Energy
devices, while maintaining the design footprint from the popular PSoC 4
Pioneer kit. The development kit includes a USB Bluetooth Low Energy dongle
that pairs with the CySmart master emulation tool, converting a designer’s
Windows PC into a Bluetooth Low Energy debug environment. The EZ-BLE PRoC
module can be quickly and easily evaluated with the EZ-BLE PRoC Module
Evaluation Board, which plugs into the BLE Pioneer Development Kit.

The EZ-BLE PRoC module is currently sampling with production expected in May
2015. The module is available in a 21-pad SMT that includes the shield and
is ideal for space-constrained applications, says the company.

Bluetooth World, Santa Clara Convention Center, Booth 01, April 14-16, 2015.

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