Latest advances in power supply technology and products

19-03-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Mouser has updated its Power Supply Technology site providing developers with the resources they need to learn about the latest advances in power supply technology, and the newest products available from for selecting and building power supply systems. The site contains valuable resources for developers interested in expanding their knowledge about power supply systems. The new Technology Section provides an overview of power supply technology and segments power supplies into four main subsections: AC/DC supplies including linear regulated and DIN-Rail power supplies; DC-DC switched mode power supplies and topologies; AC/AC transformers including single- and three-phase conversions; and DC/AC converters including uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) and solar inverters. These subsections describe the use and operation of each type of power supply. Functional block diagrams are provided with explanations of each block, along with a list of power supply products available for same-day shipping. The Articles section discusses new topics such as AMP Consortium Steers Future of Digital Power, The Benefits of Power Modules vs. Discrete Regulators, and Advancing power supply solutions through the promise of GaN. All articles offer an area to post comments and questions to facilitate further discussions on the topic. The Featured Products section focuses on key power supply products available from that are ready to be used in developer’s systems. Products include the CUI Novum Intermediate Bus DC-DC Converter, the Phoenix Contact UNO POWER DIN Rail Power Supply, and the Murata Power Solutions OKDx DC-DC Power Converters. Additional components for power supply systems are listed including multilayer varistors, power inductors, tantalum capacitors, and 200 Watt diodes. Finally, the Resources section lists videos, application notes, and reference designs that discuss product selection and system considerations when building or buying power supplies. Topics include battery chargers, circuit protection, energy efficiency, and the importance of product certifications.

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