New accelerometer offers exceptional linearity over wide dynamic range

02-03-2015 | Measurement Specialties | Test & Measurement

Measurement Specialties, now part of TE Connectivity, has released the Model 7132AHT, a high-temperature, miniature accelerometer with exceptional linearity across dynamic ranges from ±50g to ±2000g.

The triaxial IEPE accelerometer’s stable temperature response ensures reliable operation over an extended temperature range of -55C to +163C, making it useful in high-temperature, high-frequency, shock and vibration testing. In addition to its specific uses in automotive testing and laboratory environments, the Model 7132AHT is ideal for many general-purpose data acquisition applications, due to its exceptional performance characteristics.

The sensor uses stable piezo-ceramic crystals in annular shear mode for long term, stable operation as well as offers flat frequency response across a wide bandwidth up to 10kHz. In addition, the Model 7132AHT features residual noise as low as 0.001 g RMS (at ±50g), with a maximum of only 0.005g RMS (at ±2,000g).

Output impedance is more than 100ohm and full scale voltage output is ±5V across all dynamic ranges. Other notable parameters include an excitation current of 2mA to 10 mA, a compliance voltage of 22VDC to 33VDC, transverse sensitivity of less than 5% and non-linearity of ±1% FSO.

A hermetically-sealed, titanium housing enables the unit to withstand harsh elements in rugged environments. The 4-pin miniature connector interface securely fastens the accelerometer to the system cable for uninterrupted data transmission. The 15-gram sensor can be adhesive or stud-mounted, depending on application requirements, says the company.

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