High-efficiency current-mode step-down DC-DC regulators

04-02-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Power

The Analog Devices ADP2165 and ADP2166 ranges of step-down DC-DC regulators
are now available from Mouser stock. They are 5A and 6A high efficiency,
current mode control devices with an integrated 19mohm high-side FET and a
15mohm synchronous rectified FET.

The devices combine a small size, 4mm × 4mm LFCSP package with an accurate
current limit, resulting in a smaller inductor size and a high power
density, point of load solution. They feature power-good output, precision
enable input, and voltage tracking input.

The switching frequency can be programmed from 250kHz to 1.4MHz, or it can
be fixed at 620kHz or 1.2MHz. The synchronization function allows the
switching frequency to synchronize to an external clock, minimizing the
electromagnetic interference (EMI) of the system. ADP2165 and ADP2166 are
designed to be extremely flexible with the addition of a minimal amount of
external components to program soft-start and control-loop compensation.

Applications include Point of load (PoL) regulation, communications,
networking, high-end consumer goods, industrial, instrumentation and
healthcare products.

Also available, the ADP2165-EVALZ is a full-featured development board that
provides an easy way to evaluate the ADP2165.

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