Extensive new range of equipment for testing LED drivers

19-02-2015 | MDL | Test & Measurement

Drivers are a key element in the performance and reliability of LEDs. In
response to market needs for ever-greater performance, an extensive range of
Chroma equipment for testing LED drivers is now available from MDL
Technologies. The instruments include programmable AC and DC sources, high
precision power meters and an LED load simulator specifically designed for
LED power drivers.

The 61500 Series advanced programmable AC power sources have output powers
ranging from 500VA to 2000VA and offer AC, DC and AC+DC output modes. With a
programmable voltage and frequency slew rate, they can measure RMS voltage,
current, power, PF, VA, VAR, crest factor, peak and inrush current.

The Chroma 66200 Series are high precision digital power meters with a wide
range of voltage, current and power parameters. User-defined criteria
provide automatic pass/fail indications, and THD, inrush current and energy
measurements are available.

Also offered are complete automated test systems suitable for use in R&D and
quality assurance qualification as well as on the production line. One
example is the Chroma 58158 AC/DC LED integrated test system which combines
a programmable AC power source and digital power meter, and can integrate
with a flexible optical test platform equipped with integrating sphere,
photo detector etc.

MDL can also supply a 46 page guide to testing LED power drivers.
Particularly useful because of the dearth of test standards for LED drivers,
the guide produced by Chroma gives test specifications for a range of output
parameters, such as output voltage and current, ripple current, dimming
current and turn-on overshoot current. It also lists useful definitions of
the relevant terminology, says the company.

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