Miniature 8-pin logic devices designed to boost battery life

12-02-2015 | Diodes Inc | Power

With the introduction of new dual-gate devices in the miniature leadless 8-pin DFN1210 package, Diodes Incorporated has extended its advanced ultra low-power CMOS logic family.

The latest 74AUP2G logic devices help extend battery cell life in a variety of super slim, next-generation portable products, such as smart phones and tablets, by supporting low-voltage, low-power system design.

Operating over a 0.8V to 3.6V supply voltage range, these new parts support extremely low system voltages while delivering a standard ±4mA output. With quiescent current less than 0.9µA, static power consumption is low, while the typical CPD rating of 6pF at 3.6V reduces dynamic power consumption.

Seven dual gate logic functions are offered: AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR and a choice of two tri-state buffers. With a footprint of only 1.2mm x 1mm and a height of just 0.35mm, the DFN1210 format is one of the world’s smallest of its kind.

The miniature-packaged parts are designed to complement Diodes’ 74AUP2G 6-pin dual-gate and 74AUP1G single-gate advanced ultra-low power logic devices.

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