Step-down 30 V DC-DC converters integrate driver transistor

18-02-2015 | Digikey | Power

Featuring an internal driver transistor, the Torex XC9251 series 30V
step-down DC-DC converter IC is now available from Digi-Key. The internal
Nch driver transistor is driven by bootstrap to achieve a stable,
high-efficiency power supply up to an output current of 2A.

Low ESR capacitors such as ceramic capacitors can be used for the load
capacitor (CL). A 0.8V reference-voltage source is incorporated in the IC,
and the output voltage can be set to a value from 1.2V to 12V using external
resistors (RFB1, RFB2). 300kHz or 500kHz can be selected for the switching

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