Space-saving inductors in 2020 cases offer high-temperature operation up to +155C

16-01-2015 | Vishay | Passives

Latest from Vishay are two new IHLP low-profile, high-current inductors in the 2020 case size with high operating temperatures to +155C. Offering low profiles of 3mm, the Vishay Dale IHLP-2020CZ-51 and automotive-grade IHLP-2020CZ-5A provide a wide range of inductance values from 0.22µH to 15µH. With a frequency range up to 1MHz, the devices serve as high-performing, space- and power-saving solutions for voltage regulator modules (VRM) and DC-DC converters in high-temperature commercial and automotive applications. End products include servers, notebooks, low-profile / high-current power supplies and point of load (PoL) converters; and distributed power systems. The AEC-Q200-qualified IHLP-2020CZ-5A is optimized for engine and transmission control units, diesel injection drivers, entertainment and navigation systems, noise suppression for motors, windshield wipers, HID and LED lighting, heating and ventilation blowers, and power seats and mirrors. The IHLP-2020CZ-51 and IHLP-2020CZ-5A handle high transient current spikes without hard saturation. Packaged in an RoHS-compliant and 100% lead (Pb)-free shielded, composite construction that reduces buzz noise to ultra-low levels, the devices are specified for an operating temperature range of 55C to +155C, with high resistance to thermal shock, moisture, mechanical shock, and vibration, says the company.

By Craig Dyball