Door interlock pushbutton switches with latching or momentary actions offer design flexibility

09-01-2015 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

A new series of C&K interlock door switches is now available from TTI. The
DS Series door interlock switch offers flexibility as it has latching or
momentary actions and can be used as an interlock switch, detection switch
or circuit interrupt switch. Typical applications include gaming and
vending machines.

The DS Series switches have a push/pull feature to break power when the
machine door is opened for trouble-shooting, maintenance and repair. The DS
Series is flexible, enabling many design options thanks to their unique
construction, which combines quick assembly with a long operating life of
50,000 cycles at 10A.

The interlock switches are available as single-pole, double-throw or
double-pole double-throw with snap-in style mounting. The reliable snap
action actuator is available in three actuator styles: momentary, short
button, momentary, long button and monetary/pulled out button. There is a
choice of three different terminals which can be specified on ordering and
three electrical ratings: D6, D7 and F5. The F5 rated switches can also be
specified for extended electrical life of 100,000 cycles on request. Further
electrical specifications include dielectric strength of 1500V (50-60Hz at
sea level), and insulation resistance of 100Mohm minimum and initial contact
resistance of 30mohm.

Suitable for operating environments between -40C to- +85C, the DS Series
interlock pushbutton switches feature rugged copper alloy, silver-plated
common terminals and F5-rated, gold-plated over silver alloy contacts for
robust performance. They are RoHS-compliant and halogen-free, says the

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