Memory devices gain ten more years availability through 90nm process platform

22-01-2015 | Solid State | Semiconductors

Solid State Supplies is now stocking legacy memory products from Taiwan-based manufacturer AMIC Technology that have been developed in the company’s new 90nm multi-voltage process. The implementation of this advanced process technology across the entire range will enable the long-term availability of both 5V and 3V memory devices. AMIC products currently available from Solid State Supplies include: Parallel NOR FLASH, Multi-Chip Packaging, SPI Serial FLASH, OTPROM, low power/standard Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM), standard DDR DRAM (DDR1), low power asynchronous SRAM and RF-ID tag ICs. All of AMIC’s NOR Flash products in 5.0V and 3.0V offer like-for-like functionality with the industrial AMD/Spansion AM29 series. This move by AMIC to build its memory devices on a new, efficient 90nm high voltage process platform is driven by the demand for sustainable products in the industrial, automotive and data-communication segments. The process extends the shelf-life for devices such as the company’s low power 5V and very low voltage memory products, which are expected to remain available for up to ten years. Solid State Supplies has extensive knowledge of the AMIC Technology product portfolio, and offers specialist applications support throughout the UK and Ireland.

By Electropages Admin