UK homeowners offered a complete cost-efficient solar energy solution

16-01-2015 | Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd | New Technologies

Sharp has announced it is partnering with Samsung SDI to offer a complete
energy and battery-management system to homeowners in the UK. The compact,
all-in-one solution offers solar modules from Sharp and an all-in-one
battery storage from Samsung SDI.

Peter Thiele, president of Sharp Energy Solutions Europe, said: “This
partnership is a strategic decision to help Sharp meet its objective of
becoming a complete energy solutions provider. Our solar modules and the
all-in-one battery from Samsung SDI fit perfectly together to provide a high
quality solution for homeowners, minimising their energy costs and
maximising their independence from suppliers."

By using the solution, which is quick and simple to install, homeowners can
cut their household bills and gain greater independence from rising energy
costs. Easy to use, a PC or smartphone interface lets users see in real time
how much energy has been generated and how much is currently stored, and
shows whether any system maintenance is required.

The stand-alone all-in-one solution contains all devices required to operate
a solar system: battery, photovoltaic inverter and battery inverter /
charger, as well as an energy and battery management system. The VDE tested
Lithium Ion battery system (3.6kWh) has a 10 year performance warranty.

The solution, including solar modules and battery, will be eligible for
finance through the accredited Sharp installer network. Sharp is a pioneer
in energy efficiency and energy management, with over 50 years’ experience
in the development of high-performance, reliable PV technologies. The
partnership with Samsung SDI is part of the company’s growing energy
solutions business in the UK, and will ensure homeowners benefit from
maximum efficiency on PV installations and substantial savings on energy

Samsung SDI batteries are the best in class. Samsung SDI’s integrated
battery charger stores the electricity generated during daylight hours for
consumption as and when required. The PV inverter is capable of a maximum
power output of 6.6kWp, which equals up to 26 units of Sharp’s 250W modules.

Two independent Maximum Power Point (MPP) trackers maximize the flexibility
for installations on south facing and east-west facing roofs, ideal for
family homes. The system is compliant to both G83/2 and G59/3, says the

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