New six-line TVS protection device for USB 3.0 interfaces

14-01-2015 | Semtech | Design & Manufacture

Designed to protect the USB 3.0 interface in computing and mobile devices
from electrostatic discharge (ESD) events, Semtech has introduced the
RClamp3346P, a high-performance ultra low-capacitance transient voltage
suppression (TVS) device.

The RClamp3346P supplements Semtech’s current USB protection portfolio by
providing ultra-low clamping voltage performance and low dynamic resistance
in an easy-to-lay-out package. Current USB 3.0 protection schemes usually
call for multiple TVS devices, complicating the design and final bill of
materials. The RClamp3346P replaces up to 6 discrete and protects the
SuperSpeed pairs plus the high-speed signal lines in a slim 2.7mm x 0.8mm

Built on Semtech’s highly differentiated SCR process technology, the
RClamp3346P achieves the industry’s lowest overall clamping voltage without
impacting the signal quality. Designed to meet the high operating data rate
of the USB 3.0 interface, the device introduces less than 0.65pF capacitance
into the signal path.

“A major trend with the newest generation of controllers is the increased
ESD sensitivity due to shrinking process geometry.” said Rick Hansen,
product marketing director for protection products, Semtech. “We believe
the RClamp3346P is the perfect solution, giving designers peace of mind
knowing the system is well protected from ESD transients.”

The RClamp3346P is also qualified to grade 1 of the AEC-Q100 automotive
reliability standard in order to provide the highest level of component

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