PC oscilloscopes are small lightweight convenient alternatives to benchtop types

13-01-2015 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

RS Components now stocks the PicoScope 2200A Series. PC oscilloscopes are small, lightweight and convenient alternatives to benchtop instruments. Used on the bench, they take up very little space and can sit right next to the circuit under test. Used by engineers on the move, they can easily be fitted into a pocket or laptop bag. Applications include design, test, education, service, monitoring, fault-finding and repair. Pico regularly delivers new functionality through free software upgrades which are optimised on the basis of customer feedback. Pico's PicoScope 6 software (included) enables high-end features such as serial decoding and mask limit testing to be incorporated as standard. The USB connection facilitates printing, copying, saving and emailing field data. The high-speed USB interface provides fast data transfer and USB powering eliminates the need to carry around a bulky external power supply.

By Craig Dyball