Pre-charge relay for electric / hybrid vehicles and other heavy-duty battery systems

07-01-2015 | Omron | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

A new pre-charge relay aimed specifically at electric and hybrid vehicles
and other heavy duty battery powered systems has been launched by Omron
Electronic Components Europe (OCB-EU).

The G9EJ-1 is specifically designed for use in pre-charge circuits used in
electric vehicles and other battery systems to reduce the very high inrush
currents on start-up. Before the vehicle or system is fully started, the
pre-charge circuit is switched on briefly to charge capacitors in the
controller and inverter through a current-limiting resistor. The G9EJ-1 is
specifically designed to switch in this circuit, and is a cost-effective
solution that can support up to 25A at 400VDC.

Omron has designed the G9EJ with a proprietary contact driving system that
enhances the inrush current performance and ensures a long service life
under these conditions. The G9EJ also features a high efficiency magnetic
circuit which helps extinguish magnetic arcs which can damage the contact
surface. The relay is amongst the smallest solutions of its type in the
industry, sized at just 30mm x 27mm x 31mm and weighing around 50g.

The Omron G9EJ-1 complements the Omron range of power relays for the
electric vehicle main power relays, which switch in the full motor circuit
once the pre-charge phase is complete. These include the G9EC which can
switch up to 200A at 400VDC.

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