High-accuracy adjustable power limiters protect systems from various fault conditions

27-01-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Maxim's MAX14692-MAX14693 high-accuracy adjustable power limiters are now
available from Mouser stock. The adjustable over-voltage, under-voltage and
over-current protection devices guard systems against over-current faults in
addition to positive over-voltage and reverse-voltage faults.

Typical applications that can benefit from the devices include industrial
power systems, control and automation, motion system drives, HMIs and
various high-power applications.

When used with an optional external p-channel MOSFET, the devices also
protect downstream circuitry from voltage faults up to ±60V. The devices
feature a low, 31mO, on-resistance integrated FET. During start-up, the
devices are designed to charge large capacitances on the output in a
continuous mode for applications where large reservoir capacitors are used
on the inputs to downstream devices. Additionally, the devices feature a
dual-stage, current-limit mode in which the current is continuously limited
to 1.5x or 2x the programmed limit, respectively, for a short time after
start-up. This enables faster charging of large loads during startup.

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