Low-profile right-angle solder option for wires exiting a PCB with space constraints

21-01-2015 | Molex | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Molex has announced that its SolderRight Direct Solder terminals are now
available to fulfil direct solder wire-to-board designs where a very
low-profile right-angle solder option for wires exiting a PCB is necessary
due to severe space constraints. The robust solder terminal enables a secure
and reliable connection with a minimal 'Z' profile.

"The most common problem found in products that require a direct solder wire
termination is that wires become over stressed from being bent at a 90
degree angle after soldering, resulting in long term reliability concerns.
By replacing the soldering process with a direct board-in crimp terminal,
this problem is eliminated," said Michael Bean, global product manager,

In addition to a very low profile, the SolderRight one-piece crimp solder
terminal includes unique design features such as multiple terminal and wire
sizes, solder pins positioned between insulation and conductor crimps, and
twin solder pins. Terminal wire sizes range from 14 to 28 AWG enabling both
signal and power current capability while optimising PCB space. Solder pins
positioned between insulation and conductor crimps offer superior wire
strain relief and resist terminal and solder join breakage. Molex twin
solder pins provide stability for solder processing and allow redundant
current paths.

"There is an industry need for very low-profile packaging and wire
termination that simplifies the connection process and increases reliability
all while saving both cost and space. Molex SolderRight Direct Solder
Terminals deliver meaningful value to our customers on all fronts," added

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