Expanded ZIF connector range for flexible printed circuit applications

23-01-2015 | GTK | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

GTK has expanded its ZIF connector range with the addition of 0.3mm FPC connectors which are available in 11-61 positions and incorporate a dual-contact style for design flexibility and a back-flip actuator for easy insertion of the flexible printed circuit. The connector contacts are gold-plated and they mate with standard 0.2mm thick FPCs with a staggered 0.3mm pitch contact array. Commenting, Caroline Ebbage, business manager for connectors, GTK, said: "ZIF connectors are ideal for applications where space saving is required, and, as the demand for increasingly smaller devices rises, these products are becoming more popular. These new 0.3mm pitch FPC connectors complement our existing range of 0.5 and 1.0mm pitch product. ZIF connectors are ideal for connecting PCBs to displays, and at GTK we can assist design engineers with the selection of the most suitable connector for their display."

By Electropages Admin