Low-profile surge arrestors for high-density and height-restricted PCB applications

19-01-2015 | Farnell element14 | Passives

Farnell element14 now stocks Bourns' 2015 Series gas discharge technology surge arrestors - which sets a new industry standard by offering a two-electrode GDT in an innovative flat-package design. Proprietary FLAT technology delivers a low-profile solution for high-density and height-restricted PCB applications, says the company. The ITU K.12 Class II device is rated at 5kA on an 8/20┬Ás waveform. The series is offered with DC breakdown voltages ranging from 90V to 600V and is available in horizontal and vertical surface mount versions as well as a leadless design for cartridge or clamp fit applications. The new horizontal SMD design achieves a 66% height saving compared to a standard 5mm Bourns GDT. Furthermore, when compared to an 8mm Bourns GDT, the Model 2015 provides a 75% saving in volume. When vertically mounted, twice as many Model 2015 GDTs can be put in the same board space compared to surface mount 8mm GDTs.

By Craig Dyball