Dedicated isolators for high-speed serial peripheral interfaces

26-01-2015 | Digikey | Semiconductors

Optimized for isolated serial peripheral interfaces (SPIs), Analog Devices'
ADuM3150 and ADuM4150 3.75kV and 5kVrms 6-channel SPIsolator digital
isolators are now available from Digi-Key.

Based on the proprietary iCoupler chip scale transformer technology, the low
propagation delay in the CLK, MO/SI, MI/SO, and SS SPI bus signals supports
SPI clock rates of up to 17MHz. To optimize timing for SPI, the channels
operate with 14ns propagation delay and 1ns jitter.

The ADuM3150 and ADuM4150 isolators also provide two additional independent
low data rate isolation channels, one channel in each direction. Data in the
slow channels is sampled and serialized for a 250kbps data rate with 2.5µs
of jitter.

The devices support a delay clock output on the master side of the device.
This output can be used with an additional clocked port on the master to
support 40MHz clock performance.

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