New XY piezo nano-positioners for high-precision applications

14-01-2015 | Aerotech | Subs & Systems

Aerotech QNP-XY series piezo nano-positioning stages provide the resolution,
linearity, repeatability, and high dynamics required for the most demanding
applications from microscopy to optics alignment. With resolution to 0.15
nm, linearity to 0.007%, and repeatability to 2nm, nanometer-level precision
is assured. With the highest dynamics (resonant frequency and stiffness) of
any other comparable stage in size and travel, users can achieve higher
throughput in exacting processes. A variety of travels (100µm to 600µm),
feedback options, and vacuum versions add to the exceptional versatility of
the stage series.

High Quality in a Compact Package - QNP piezo stages are guided by precision
flexures that are optimized using finite element analysis. The resulting
design offers outstanding stiffness and resonant frequency (up to 885Hz)
enabling high process throughput and fast closed-loop response. Furthermore,
the integrated XY package minimizes stage stack height and moving mass,
resulting in superior static and dynamic multi-axis performance.

High-Resolution and Positioning Accuracy - The QNP piezo stages offer
optional closed-loop feedback using a unique capacitive sensor design for
sub-nanometer resolution and high linearity. The capacitive sensors measure
the output of the positioning carriage directly, enabling superior accuracy
and repeatability.

Ultra-Precision Control - When coupled with Aerotech's Q-series controllers
and drives, QNP piezo stages demonstrate sub-nanometer positioning
resolution and in-position stability (jitter), and high-positioning
bandwidth. Software options such as Aerotech's Dynamic Controls Toolbox and
Motion Designer packages provide a host of advanced yet easy-to-use tools
such as Learning Control, Harmonic Cancellation, and Command Shaping,
providing improved tracking errors and faster step-and-settle times.

Design Flexibility - Aerotech's QNP piezo stages are available with
capacitance sensor feedback or without feedback (open-loop). Open-loop
provides a cost-effective option for applications where compact size,
high-dynamics, and sub-nanometer positioning resolution are required, but
absolute positioning accuracy and repeatability are not required. Open-loop
designs can also be used where the piezo position is controlled via an
external feedback source (interferometer, vision system, photodetector,
etc.), says the company.

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