Diodes Inc

New 100V MOSFETs optimized for PoE applications

The new DMN10H120SFG MOSFET from Diodes Incorporated is designed as a switch for IEEE 802.3 compliant 48V Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) systems. The switch enables the delivery of powe

Power | 25-09-2015

High-efficiency LED drivers for non-dimmable retrofit LED bulb applications

Latest from Diodes Incorporated is the AL1678 family of LED Drivers, which are suitable for driving non-dimmable retrofit LED bulbs in general illumination applications that do not

Power | 20-08-2015

Hyper-fast rectifier offers 600V 8A performance for PFC / CCM applications

Designed specifically for use as a boost diode for power-factor correction (PFC) and continuous conduction mode (CCM) applications, Diodes Incorporated has introduced the DSR8F600

Products | 11-08-2015

Optimized complementary MOSFETs enhance buck converter power density

Aimed at increasing the power density of DC-DC converters, the DMC1028UFDB complementary MOSFET pair, from Diodes Incorporated, integrates an N-channel MOSFET and a P-channel MOSFE

Products | 08-06-2015

High-voltage regulator transistor cuts footprint to deliver 5V to microcontrollers

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the ZXTR2105F, a new regulator that monolithically integrates a transistor, Zener diode and resistor to provide a 5V 15mA output from inputs up t

Products | 13-03-2015

Audio amp drives bridge-tied stereo speakers or Class-AB headphones

Aimed at manufacturers of LCD monitors, all-in-one PCs and video projectors, the PAM8009 from Diodes Incorporated is a 3W stereo class-D audio amplifier and class-AB headphone driv

Products | 26-02-2015

Multi-channel load sink driver consumes 12x less power

Diodes Incorporated has introduced new multi-channel load sink driver - the ULN2003V12 and ULN2003F12. The ULN2003V12 is a 7-channel relay and inductive load sink driver that consu

Products | 25-02-2015

Miniature 8-pin logic devices designed to boost battery life

With the introduction of new dual-gate devices in the miniature leadless 8-pin DFN1210 package, Diodes Incorporated has extended its advanced ultra low-power CMOS logic family.

Products | 12-02-2015

High-efficiency synchronous rectification controller targets phones / portables chargers

Addressing the need for a highly-integrated, efficient and cost-effective solution for cell phone and similar portable electronic device chargers, Diodes Incorporated has introduce

Products | 30-01-2015

New 5V single-channel load switch features programmable soft-start and discharge rate

A new 5V single-channel load switch with programmable soft-start and discharge rate, the ultra-low on-resistance N channel AP22800 has been introduced by Diodes Incorporated. The

Products | 07-01-2015