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The use of simulation tools, ‘digital twins’, in production is fast growing and will soon become an integral part of the Smart Factory and the Internet of Things (IoT).... More
Oct 8, 2018 By Nnamdi Anyadike
Quantum computers could be mass produced at low cost with silicon microchips that have large-scale waveguides, optical tracks, for photons, instead of circuits for electrons... More
Oct 5, 2018 By Rob Coppinger
The desktop PC has supposedly been dying for years. But one look around the office shows that it is alive and well. But could the humble smartphone be the greatest weapon against... More
Oct 4, 2018 By Christian Cawley
The market for collaborative robots, so-called ‘cobots’ that work alongside human operators, is expanding fast and looks set to render the future industrial workplace... More
Oct 2, 2018 By Nnamdi Anyadike
A heat sink more than three times better than copper could be commercially available in a couple of years after engineers found a way to make the semiconductor boron-arsenide... More
Sep 28, 2018 By Rob Coppinger
Over the years, old desktops, laptops, tablet PCs, printers, docking stations, PDAs, and long abandoned mobile devices have accumulated. Entire rooms (perhaps even buildings) are... More
Sep 27, 2018 By Christian Cawley
The global connector market is growing by leaps and bounds. One recent estimate puts the total size of the industry at $80.4 billion by 2023, having grown at a CAGR of 4.9% in the... More
Sep 26, 2018 By Nnamdi Anyadike
The progress made in phone handsets and other forms of consumer electronics over the past two decades has led to impressive technological capabilities being realised. The... More
Sep 24, 2018 By Mark Patrick
Quantum cascade lasers could allow the ever-smaller transistors to operate at low power and lower temperatures without the problems associated with conventional... More
Sep 20, 2018 By Rob Coppinger
The banning by the European Commission of halogen light bulbs in the EU as of September 1 2018 – in order to encourage consumers to switch over to more energy-efficient... More
Sep 19, 2018 By Nnamdi Anyadike
Simply loading up and driving off with a delivery is thankfully a thing of the past. Even a lone ranger "white van man" knows that time sensitive deliveries need optimized... More
Sep 17, 2018 By Christian Cawley
Gold and semiconductors are to be assembled into nano-structures using a genetically engineered virus that was originally found in the Escherichia coli bacteria, which is... More
Sep 14, 2018 By Rob Coppinger

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