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The problems of filament instability in resistive RAM (RRAM) technology have been cracked in a joint effort by Japanese electronics conglomerate Panasonic and research centre... More
Jul 28, 2015 By Paul Whytock
What should a developer look for in a Linux distribution that makes it suitable for deployment in an IoT world? First, check the builder is a participant in the Yocto Project,... More
Jul 23, 2015 By Davide Head
How can an 85-year-old Hungarian help cars navigate the crowded streets of London, Shanghai or New York? It turns out that a talented gentleman’s work in mathematics is becoming... More
Jul 23, 2015 By Nick Pummell
The straight answer to that is an unequivocal no. But black arsenic phosphorus (BAP) could provide an extremely interesting alternative when it comes to producing infinitesimally... More
Jul 16, 2015 By Paul Whytock
Intel’s Rob Sheppard discusses the benefits of virtualisation technology for the industrial IoT, bringing the advantages of low risk and time-to-market for those looking to... More
Jul 14, 2015 By Rob Sheppard
Today's high-end cars contain more lines of software code than modern jet fighters with luxury models running up to a 100 million lines of code compared to a mere 6 million in... More
Jul 8, 2015 By Paul Whytock
The increasing need for speed in high-end consumer electronics such as gaming and entertainment systems shows little sign of slowing down. Faster and faster processing rates in... More
Jul 7, 2015 By Marco Enge
Expensive to buy and run, lack of range, slow charging from inadequate networks and environmentally not the saviours of the planet we are led to believe. These are just some of... More
Jul 2, 2015 By Paul Whytock
Tony Milbourn, Vice President Corporate Strategy at u-blox AG, details some applications in the “Internet of Things that Really Matter”, and how wireless modules help enable... More
Jul 1, 2015 By Tony Milbourn
The formation of the AMP Consortium continues a long tradition of vendors working together to bring benefits to their customers. Here, Patrick Le Fèvre of Ericsson Power Modules... More
Jun 24, 2015 By Patrick Le Fèvre
Unlike national newspapers, corporate collaborations and technical joint ventures (JVs) don't have a summer silly season. In fact, where national media can sometimes struggle for... More
Jun 24, 2015 By Paul Whytock
TE Connectivity’s John Spindler discusses the likely network model for the globally integrated Internet of Things. With the Internet of Things (IoT) projected to connect between... More
Jun 18, 2015 By John Spindler

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