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Data, data, data. We all want it; we can’t get enough of it. It’s an intrinsic part of the increasingly frenetic life we all lead. Phones or tablets in hand, we’re... More
Oct 27, 2015 By Nick Robins
The pinout of a module may not seem to be a critical design issue, but the ability to easily change wireless modules to handle different frequencies and protocols around the world... More
Oct 26, 2015 By Gordon Serpis
Electropages' European editor Paul Whytock and technical features editor Sally Ward-Foxton report from Munich on the top technology stories breaking at the Pinnacle International... More
Oct 21, 2015 By Paul Whytock
The simple answer to that is maybe, but there are a few buts clouding the perovskite horizon. However, there is no doubt about the excitement perovskite photovoltaics (PV) is... More
Oct 15, 2015 By Paul Whytock
Industrial image processing is one of the key technologies for implementing Industry 4.0. Seamlessly integrating this technology into industrial production systems demands an... More
Oct 12, 2015 By Oliver Opl
SFP+ is now the most popular socket for 10GE systems Demand from the communications industry for increased data rates and bandwidth has led to the development of new form factors... More
Oct 12, 2015 By Marco Enge
Tester for tomorrow's V2X applications Future intelligent transport systems will be implemented using standards such as IEEE 802.11p WLAN. This standard enables vehicles and... More
Oct 6, 2015 By Paul Whytock
The constant engineering drive towards ever flatter and thinner silicon wafers has received a significant boost following the development of new laser de-bonding techniques... More
Sep 30, 2015 By Paul Whytock
The DSEI Defence and Security Equipment International exhibition in London is a huge collection of all the latest air, sea and land military equipment, much of it empowered by... More
Sep 24, 2015 By Paul Whytock
Technology marketeers are very keen these days to convince us that wearable devices like fitness monitors are part of everyday life. Well, I don't know about you but they are not... More
Sep 22, 2015 By Paul Whytock
The Palais des congrès de Paris played host to this year's European Microwave Week (EuMW) show and conference and Electropages went along to search out the top technologies.... More
Sep 15, 2015 By Paul Whytock
Modern designs are becoming more susceptible to EMI EMI (electromagnetic interference) comes from unintended electromagnetic radiation caused by changing currents in other parts... More
Sep 9, 2015 By Mathias Goebel

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