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While once virtual reality (VR) was relegated so science fiction, it’s now permeated society. From inexpensive, cardboard VR headsets to hardcore virtual reality applications,... More
Mar 5, 2019 By Moe Long
Chinese automotive manufacturer BYD Co. Ltd has selected Analog Devices Inc (ADI)’s Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) and SHARC digital signal processor (DSP) to help realise more... More
Mar 4, 2019 By Rob Coppinger
Modern cars are electronically complicated beasts but thankfully cutting-edge technology systems have provided enormous safety, economy and operational efficiency benefits. All... More
Mar 1, 2019 By Paul Whytock
Devices could be powered from WIFI signals using a two-dimensional semiconductor, a few atoms thick, which can turn the transmission’s alternating current (AC) into direct... More
Feb 28, 2019 By Rob Coppinger
Across a swathe of industries and applications the challenge is how to best to manage increasingly large data volumes without compromising either the reliability or availability... More
Feb 27, 2019 By Nnamdi Anyadike
The drive towards the driverless car seems relentless. One day, it is hoped, every motorway will be effectively managed, with drivers surrendering speed and control to improve... More
Feb 26, 2019 By Christian Cawley
Triboelectrics is the generation of electricity from friction and it could become a new power source for electronic devices. The friction could be as simple as a finger swiping... More
Feb 22, 2019 By Rob Coppinger
In the transport sector, data loggers are used to accompany a cargo during transport as a means to investigate everything from damage events to the various physical parameters of... More
Feb 21, 2019 By Nnamdi Anyadike
We’ve all had those lively uninhibited pub conversations with a bunch of mates that range from absolute nonsensical drivel through to some real thought-provoking theories. Take... More
Feb 20, 2019 By Paul Whytock
The smart home space operates with a patchwork of protocols. Smart home devices communicate with each other as well as smart home hubs via several technologies. While there’s... More
Feb 19, 2019 By Moe Long
You've probably heard of graphene, the carbon-based material that is vital to the development of quantum computing. But did you know that it has other applications? Beyond the... More
Feb 18, 2019 By Christian Cawley
Nanoengineered transition metal oxygen electrodes may be able to boost lithium oxygen battery current output by orders of magnitude and extend electric vehicle ranges to 500... More
Feb 15, 2019 By Rob Coppinger

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