R-Car ADAS Surround View Kit gives you the full picture

31-01-2017 |   |  By RS Components

An essential extension to the R-Car ADAS Starter Kit, the ADAS Surround View Kit from Renesas Electronics allows developers to work with sample applications for automotive surround view using live data streams from the 4 included automotive cameras.

The Surround View Kit consists of a wheeled platform/buggy mounted with 4 IMI MINICube automotive cameras and an interface board.

This add-on board has been designed to support development of an automotive, surround-view camera system. The board can be used to connect to the peripherals required for video data capture, plus on-board interfaces allow connection to: 4 automotive cameras (identical cameras featuring GMSL interface supplied by power-over coax); Gigabit Ethernet (with support for audio-video-bridging); 2 CAN channels; GMSL interface display (supplied by power-over coax); and ADAS Starter Kit board.

Using the ADAS Surround View Kit gives developers immediate experience with live-stream video from automotive cameras, which simplifies and helps to accelerate the development of surround view applications. In addition to the hardware provided in the kit, developers can use surround-view sample applications (based on the Yocto distribution used for other R-Car boards).

State-of-the-art automotive cameras from Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc (IMI) are provided in the kit and stream 1280x800 pixel resolution at 30 frames per second. Featuring advanced opto mechanical alignment, MTF/temperature stability, thermal management and ingress protection, IMI’s cameras are automotive ready, built with the lowest possible mass and least power consumption.

Please note, the ADAS Surround View Kit is an extension to the ADAS Starter Kit which can be purchased separately.


R-Car ADAS Surround View Kit. RS Stock Number: 915-5976

R-Car H2 ADAS Starter Kit. RS Stock Number: 885-6016

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