Mark Patrick

Mark joined Mouser Electronics in July 2014 having previously held senior marketing roles at RS Components. Prior to RS, Mark worked at Texas Instruments in applications support and technical sales roles. He holds a first class Honours Degree in Electronic Engineering from Coventry University.

Blockchain is changing the data storage landscape

Many people have heard of Blockchain but most think of only cryptocurrency when the word comes up and, it’s true, Blockchain is a core technology that enables cryptocurrencies to e


Emerging Companies Take Centre Stage at Embedded World 2019

Last week saw much of Mouser’s European team over in Nuremberg, attending the annual Embedded World exhibition and conference. Not far from our stand in Hall 3A, was the Start-Up A


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In a time where there are increasing concerns all across Europe about filling the growing number of STEM-related jobs and how to go about addressing the widening skills gap, there


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The Ongoing Democratisation of Technology

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Can smart farming MEMs technology help farmers have a happy harvest?

In the last few decades, electronic measurement and analysis has been increasingly deployed to improve agricultural productivity. This use of precision agriculture enables farm


The here and now of augmented reality

This year may well be the year that augmented reality (AR) comes into its own. Unlike virtual reality (VR), which tends to require very specialized gear, even regular smartphones c