Reflectors enable precise radar cross-section measurements and antenna testing

12-02-2024 | Fairview Microwave | Passives

Fairview Microwave has released its new trihedral corner reflectors. These specialised devices are engineered to excel in radar technology and antenna testing, providing invaluable solutions for precise testing and measurement applications.

The trihedral corner reflectors feature a unique geometry that efficiently reflects incoming signals back toward the source, making them essential tools in radar technology and antenna testing. They are created to optimise signal reflection and measurement accuracy.

The compact size of the reflectors, ranging from 1.4" to 13", makes for easy simulation of radar targets of varied sizes, simplifying testing setups and providing precise assessments. The reflectors are engineered for high RCS (radar cross-section), allowing accurate assessment and calibration of radar systems. This feature improves the accuracy and reliability of measurement results, which is critical for applications where precision is paramount.

The reflectors have essential features, including precision machining, which ensures reliable and accurate measurement results, and a wide operating frequency range of 10GHz to 100GHz for versatile usage.

Also, the reflectors have a 1/4-20 UNC threaded hole for secure tripod mounting options. This simplifies integration into testing setups and provides stability during measurements. The reflectors also sport a durable grey powder-coat finish, improving their aesthetic appeal while providing resilience in diverse environmental conditions.

"Our new reflectors offer professionals in radar technology and antenna testing a reliable and precise means to enhance their measurement capabilities," said product line manager Kevin Hietpas. "This guarantees accuracy and efficiency in critical applications."

By Seb Springall