Asset monitoring gateways for industrial applications

05-12-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Mouser now stocks the AMG-SNAP-ID asset monitoring gateways with SNAP ID from Banner Engineering. Using data from up to 20 connected sensors, these asset monitoring gateways help aid decisions about industrial asset management and maintenance for almost any facility asset, such as conveyor systems, industrial fans, pumps, electric motors, compressed air systems, and dust-collection units.

The gateways are designed for condition monitoring for predictive maintenance. The gateway and the optional Cloud Data Services platform allow users to access, store, and export critical data collected by connected sensors. Using actionable device data, it is straightforward to identify trends, predict maintenance requirements, avoid costly equipment failures, and stop unplanned downtime.

The gateways provide a user-friendly, no-code setup and are preconfigured to effortlessly connect with various compatible SNAP ID wired sensors right out of the box for measuring vibration, differential pressure, temperature, humidity, and tank level. Ethernet or cellular connectivity can be readily configured through the display.

With the gateways, critical system information is easily viewed locally through the onboard touchscreen display or remotely using the Banner Cloud Data Services (CDS) platform, which supplies access to the data in customisable online dashboards. The company allows users to set condition-based alerts from the cloud using multiple metrics of event severity and duration of time. These provide remote users with emails or SMS based on parameters specified in the cloud. Building a dashboard in CDS is easy. Drag-and-drop widgets and the ability to load images to the dashboard let users create exactly what they need to visualise their operation.

By Seb Springall