J-Link debugger support for first commercially available Cortex-M85 device

07-11-2023 | Segger | Test & Measurement

SEGGER now offers complete debugger support for the first commercially available Cortex-M85 device, the RA8M1 MCU group from Renesas.

Working closely with the Renesas hardware and software development teams, it swiftly delivered a working J-Link programming and debug solution early in the RA8M1 group development cycle. The first solution supplied could debug on the Renesas VHDL simulator running in its design offices in Japan. Due to the remote location and restricted access, SEGGER could use its remote tunnelling capability to bring up J-Link debugging from its headquarters in Germany.

The latest release of J-Link debugger software provides the usual very fast debug features, including download to the RA8M1 on-chip flash and external OSPI flash, along with hardware/software breakpoints and streaming instruction trace when using J-Trace PRO.

"Having access to the J-Link debug probes so early in the RA8 series development cycle has enabled us to release the first commercially available Cortex-M85 MCUs with a fully functional ecosystem," says Andy Beeson, product manager at Renesas Electronics. "This includes the Renesas RA Flexible Software Package (FSP), TrustZone and IDEs, with J-Link at the very heart of it."

"SEGGER is pleased that Renesas chose J-Link to be the debug probe of choice for the extremely powerful and impressive range of RA8 series devices," says Ivo Geilenbruegge, managing director of SEGGER. "We look forward to adding further software products to RA8 product groups in the near future."

In addition to the new device now being supported by the company's J-Link debug probes and J-Trace streaming trace probes, it is now supported by its Flasher in-circuit programmers.


By Seb Springall

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