Pressure sensors for high-flow oxygen device applications

07-09-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Mouser now ships the VN Series pressure sensors from Superior Sensor Technology. The sensor series is a comprehensive set of pressure sensors for ventilator and high-flow oxygen devices.

The pressure sensors are based on Superior’s NimbleSense architecture, providing inlet (wall and tank), flow, inspiratory, expiratory, and barometric pressures while eradicating the necessity for the ventilator to oversample sensor outputs, as the sensor oversamples at 12kHz and includes internal bandwidth filters to provide a clean >1kHz data rate.

The sensors also use Multi-Range technology, which integrates an advanced piezoresistive sensing element offering integrated amplification with an ADC and DSP for increased dynamic range. This design eradicates the necessity for fine-tuning or further calibration. The pressure sensors provide 24-bit output resolution and two extreme resolution sensors for flow, with approximately 18-bit effective resolution at high bandwidth.

The EK07-VN sensor evaluation board, also available, is developed to evaluate the capabilities of the VN Series pressure sensor series. This evaluation board uses a USB interface to plug into any standard computer with the provided software. The sensor evaluation board is cost-effective and delivers excellent data logging capabilities to compare results. This evaluation board is equipped with a socket that can be used to change target devices quickly.


By Seb Springall

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