Wireless SoCs offer high performance for smart metering and lighting

02-05-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Mouser now stocks the EFR32FG25 Flex Gecko Wireless SoCs from Silicon Labs. Offering a 32-bit Arm Cortex-M33 core with 97.5MHz maximum operating frequency, the SoCs support long-range connectivity for smart electric metering, distribution automation, street lighting, and industrial applications. The new SoCs incorporate an integrated power amplifier and high throughput, offering reliable, secure IoT device connectivity performance.

The SoCs are not affected by interference from 2.4GHZ technologies, making them an excellent choice for sub-GHz Wi-SUN applications. The SoCs support the Wi-SUN multi-rate OFDM, FSK, and OQPSK modulations, including an integrated PA with up to 16dBm sub-GHz TX power. The high-performance SoCs include up to 1920Kbytes of flash and 512Kbytes of RAM. The SoCs also provide a robust peripheral set with up to 37 general-purpose input/output pins.

The Wireless SoCs are supported by the FG25-PK6012A FG25 RoW Pro Kit. The comprehensive development toolset includes a BRD4002A mainboard and EFR32FG25 863MHz to 870MHz 16dBm radio board. The FG25 RoW Pro Kit also offers an efficient 868MHz dipole antenna and versatile flat cable, providing designers with everything they require to build new wireless solutions.

By Seb Springall