3D magnetic position sensing solutions for demanding automotive applications

31-05-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Mouser now stocks the MLX90421 Triaxis 3D magnetic position sensing solution from Melexis, part of the MLX9042x series of position sensors. Created for demanding automotive applications, the MLX9042x position sensors supply reliable performance in harsh environments. The sensors support various automotive needs, including pedal position sensors, throttle position sensors, transmission position sensors and steering wheel position sensors.

The magnetic position sensor provides ASIL-B functional safety and improved EMC. The MLX90421 sensor supports ratiometric analog and PWM output modes. The MLX90422 Triaxis magnetic position sensor features a robust operating temperature range of -40C to +160C. The MLX90422 sensor supports the SENT (SAE J2716) output mode. The magnetic sensor performs absolute position sensing with on-chip signal processing.

The MLX90425 Triaxis 360° Rotary Position Sensor with stray field immunity measures absolute position safely and accurately in harsh and noisy environments. The device provides a programmable measurement range and supports ratiometric analog and PWM output modes. The MLX9046 Triaxis 360° rotary position sensors are provided in either a SOIC-8 (DC) single die or an SMP-3 (VE), dual die PCB-less package. This sensor supports industrial and automotive applications, including powertrain actuators, transmission systems and fuel level gauges.


By Seb Springall

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