Compact BLDC motor gate driver meets a wide range of safety-critical in-vehicle applications

06-03-2023 | Toshiba Europe | Power

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has confirmed that its TB9083FTG MOSFET gate driver has advanced to large-scale production. This IC will be offered through its extensive network of distribution partners across the EMEA region.

Targeting use with the numerous BLDC motors being provided in modern automotive designs, the driver is designed in accordance with ISO 26262 (2nd edition) and supports up to ASIL-D level functional safety. Its key applications include electric power steering systems, electric braking and shift-by-wire transmissions.

By implementing the AEC-Q100-qualified device, automotive design engineers can control and drive the external N-channel power MOSFETs required for three-phase BLDC motor driving. A built-in fail-safe safety relay pre-driver complements the three-phase pre-driver. A charge pump, motor current detector circuit and internal oscillator circuitry are also included and an SPI communication interface (featuring an integrated CRC check).

There are multiple error detection functions, too, including as undervoltage (VB, VCC, VCC_OP), overvoltage (VCC, VCC_OP, VCPH, external MOSFET VGS), over-temperature and an external MOSFET VDS detector. The trigger threshold, response action and other settings may all be readily configured through the SPI interface.

This driver IC is housed in a small P-VQFN48-0707-0.50-005 package that measures only 7mm x 7mm (resulting in a 66% reduction in footprint compared to the company's previous generation product). Including a wettable flank structure allows visual inspection of solder joints employing AOI equipment, thereby contributing to enhanced solder joint reliability.

By Seb Springall