SoCs deliver wireless connectivity for the future of IoT

07-02-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Mouser now stocks the Silicon Labs MG24 and BG24 Series 2 wireless SoC devices. Providing 2.4GHz RF, low power consumption, and an AI/ML hardware accelerator, the wireless SoCs present an excellent solution for mesh IoT wireless connectivity using Matter, OpenThread, and Zigbee protocols. The new wireless SoCs support various smart home, lighting, and building automation applications, including gateways and hubs, sensors, location services, and predictive maintenance.

The EFR32MG24 wireless SoCs include an Arm Cortex-M33 microcontroller offering up to 78MHz, 1.5Mbytes of Flash, and 256Kbytes of RAM. The exceptional energy efficiency and AI/ML hardware accelerator provide reliable performance for the present and future of IoT device design. The SoCs also supply an extensive collection of MCU peripherals, including two digital-to-analog converters, up to 32 general-purpose I/O pins with output state retention and asynchronous interrupts, two 32-bit timer/counters with three compare/capture/PWM channels, and two 32-bit real-time counters. The SoCs offer robust performance, providing an operating temperature range of -40C to +125C.

The wireless SoCs offer BLE 5.3 and Bluetooth Mesh connectivity, excellent low-power wireless performance, and comprehensive security capabilities. The devices’ low system energy consumption offers 4.4mA RX current, 5mA TX current @ 0dBm output power, 19.1mA TX current @ 10dBm output power, and 156.8mA TX current @ 19.5dBm output power. The security features include hardware cryptographic acceleration, secure debug unlock, true random number generator, and secure key management with PUF.