DSCs for advanced power conversion and motor-control applications

25-01-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors MC56F80x Digital Signal Controllers, available now from Mouser, are based on the high-performance 100MHz 56800EF DSP-core that supplies math capabilities for advanced power conversion and motor-control applications.

These controllers possess advanced high-speed and high-accuracy peripherals such as eight-channel eFlexPWM with 312ps resolution, dual high-speed 12-bit ADCs, a Quadrature Decoder, and three analogue comparators. The inter-module crossbar and EVTG create an interconnection network between external pins and module I/Os with hardware logic/trigger operation capability to accomplish exceptional flexible system configuration.

Typical applications include industrial area: three-phase AC induction motor, air conditioning, BLDC control, electricity converters and performers, electricity generation, motor drives, and permanent magnet synchronous motor; Automotive area: HVAC; Mobile area: power adapters and charger; Smart Home area: major home appliances, and small and medium appliances.