Gate driver photocoupler offers high integration and multi-functions

02-09-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Toshiba TLP5222 Gate Driver Photocoupler, available now from Mouser, offers a highly integrated, multi-functional, 2.5A output current gate driver in a long creepage and clearance SO16L package. The device includes functions of desaturation detection, isolated FAULT status feedback, soft gate turn-off, active Miller clamp, UVLO, and automatic FAULT status reset.

The photocoupler integrates two infrared LEDs and two high-gain and high-speed photodetector ICs. The device accomplishes high current, high-speed output control, and FAULT status feedback with electrical isolation between a primary and secondary side.

Typical use cases include isolated gate drive for IGBT/power MOSFET, industrial inverters, AC servos, PV inverters, and UPS applications.