Chassis mount wirewound resistors are suited to a wide range of electrical circuits

15-09-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Passives

TE Connectivity's CGS CJH Chassis Mount Wirewound Resistors, available now from Mouser, are economical and compact aluminium housed resistors offering high electrical stability and reliability. With power ratings up to 5000W and short-term overload to 10x the rated power, the resistors are ideal for a wide range of electrical circuits. With high durability and a mineral-filled construction, the components provide high operating temperatures up to +250C, which makes the resistors reliable for braking and other pulse applications.

The aluminium enclosure allows higher operating temperature with high reliability and is vibration resistant.

Suitable applications include power supplies, servo motors/drives, inverters, warehouse automation, and electrical systems in difficult environments.

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