TMR current sensors provide high-accuracy current measurements

03-08-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Mouser now stocks the CT41x XtremeSense TMR sensors from Crocus Technology. These TMR sensors are high-bandwidth, ultra-low-noise integrated contact current sensors that employ the patented XtremeSense TMR technology to provide high-accuracy current measurements for many consumer, enterprise, and industrial applications.

These components support eight current ranges where the integrated CCC handles up to 65A of current and generates a current measurement as a linear analog output voltage. The eight-lead, SOIC-packaged sensors provide a total output error of about ±1% full-scale (FS) and a 300ns output response time, at a current consumption of only 6mA. A filter function lowers the noise on the output pin.

Typical applications for the sensors include solar and power inverters, appliances, motors control, power supplies, and battery management systems.