MCUs optimised for sensor node applications

30-08-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Mouser now stocks the PIC16F18015/25/44/45 and the PIC16F18126/46 families of microcontrollers from Microchip Technology. Specifically designed for developers needing an 8-bit microcontroller to accompany their sensor designs, these two families provide various feature-rich capabilities that support sensor signal conditioning and real-time control functionality at an affordable price.

For the more cost-sensitive sensor and control applications, the PIC16F18015/25/44/45 microcontrollers provide a balance of flash memory (ranging from 7KB to 14KB), robust control and peripheral capabilities, and speeds up to 32MHz. All devices in this family include up to 256B of EEPROM, a 10-bit ADCC, automated CVD techniques for advanced capacitive touch sensing, an 8-bit DAC module, three PWMs with two extra capture/compare PWMs, and a CWG. Also included are four configurable logic cells for further control functionality and a healthy array of communication peripherals.

By contrast, the PIC16F18126/46 microcontrollers, though similar in memory and operating speed to the PIC16F180xx family, offers a feature set geared more toward higher-end sensor applications needing extra digital functionality, higher resolution and precision timing. Features in this family include 28KB of program flash memory, a 12-bit differential ADCC, two 8-bit DACs, a 16-bit PWM peripheral and a CWG. This family of devices also offers four configurable logic cells for further control functionality and various communication peripherals.

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