Power inductor has increased saturation current and DCR values

08-06-2022 | New Yorker Electronics | Passives

New Yorker Electronics now offers the new Sumida CDRH12D78E/LD Power Inductor. This new model is a more cost-effective upgrade to the CDRH127/LD despite an increased capacity. The magnetically shielded power inductor is perfect for DC-DC converters such as a Buck-Boost, a SEPIC and Zeta for non-automotive applications – all of which can provide a voltage either below or above the regulated output voltage.

The new inductor has 23 possible variations with differing inductances, saturation currents and DCR. Inductance values from 1uH through 1000uH are higher than the previous model, registering an increased DCR that ranges from 6.5mW to 1500mW. The saturation current (Isat) is 20A max. (Typ.) for the lowest inductance model and drops to 0.85 for the highest inductance value.

The new device provides an increased temperature range while retaining a small footprint. The increased temperature range is from -40C to 105C, including the coil’s self-temperature rise. The temperature rise current (Irms) ranges from 14.2A to as low as 0.82 with the 1000uH model. The small 12.5mm × 12.8 m × 8mm packaging is only 3.9g with 500 pieces per reel.

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