Highly integrated advanced Bluetooth LE SoC for IoT product design

24-06-2022 | Renesas | New Technologies

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched the SmartBond DA1470x Family of Bluetooth LE solutions – the world’s most advanced, integrated SoC family for wireless connectivity.

The family is the only solution in the Bluetooth LE space to incorporate a power management unit, a hardware VAD, a GPU and Bluetooth LE connectivity into a single chip. This combined functionality offers smart IoT devices the most advanced sensor and graphical capabilities and seamless, ultra-low-power, always-on audio processing. The new family is excellent for wearables like smartwatches and fitness trackers; glucose monitor readers and other consumer medical and healthcare devices; industrial automation and security systems; home appliances with displays; and Bluetooth consoles, including e-bikes and gaming equipment.

“The DA1470x family expands on our successful strategy of integrating more functions, including greater processing power, expanded memory and improved power modules, along with VAD for always-on wake and command word detection,” said Sean McGrath, vice president of the Connectivity and Audio Business Division in Renesas’ IoT, Industrial and Infrastructure Business Unit. “This feature-packed SoC product family enables developers to push the boundaries of connected consumer and industrial applications and future-proof their IoT products to fit the needs of multiple applications while optimising their bill of materials.”

The high level of integration further produces notable cost savings on the BoM, allowing cost-effective system solutions. It also lowers component count on the PCB, providing smaller form factor designs and releasing space for extra components or larger batteries. With fewer components on the PCB, the system's reliability is also enhanced, further reducing the total COGS of the end product.

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