High-stability thin-film chip resistors for critical applications

29-04-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Passives

Vishay TNPW Lead-Bearing Thin Film Chip Resistors, available now from Mouser, are high-stability, thin-film chip resistors. The lead-bearing terminations make these thin-film resistors suitable for critical applications where reliability and stability are a significant priority.

These resistors feature package sizes ranging from 0402 to 1210, resistance ranges from 10-Ohm to 3.01MOhm, and tolerances from ±1% to ±0.1%. The resistors feature a ceramic construction, a metal film layer, and SnPb termination plating, with a lead contact >6%.

The resistors provide low-temperature coefficient, with tight tolerances. A single lot date code available.

Suitable applications include defence, avionics, and industrial use.

By Natasha Shek