Helping to overcome challenges of designing sensor applications

29-04-2022 | TTI Europe | Test & Measurement

TTI, Inc. will be exhibiting at Sensor+Test 2022. Visitors to the company's booth will see a live demonstration from joint exhibitor Omron that shows true presence detection with the D6T MEMS thermal sensors. The sensor array detects various temperatures within its FoV, identifying moving and stationary objects. For example, engineers can use this sensor to adjust lighting, temperature, and other parameters in an office setting. Regardless of whether a person is walking around or sitting at a desk, the sensor can detect their presence.

Also on display is Omron's B5L ToF sensor modules that deliver real-time 3D vision ensuring accurate measurement of near and far objects, regardless of colour, reflectivity, ambient light, or other conditions. For instance, AMRs are increasingly employed in logistics and warehousing applications. These AMRs need ToF sensors to deliver 3D vision and accurately view the surrounding area to safely and efficiently navigate in these challenging environments.

Sensor+Test 2022, Booth 1-232, 10-12 May, Germany.

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