Compact package of diodes contributes to application miniaturisation

27-04-2022 | ROHM Semiconductor | Semiconductors

ROHM has added 14 new models to its PMDE package (2.5mm x 1.3mm) lineup, satisfying the necessities for smaller protection and switching circuits.

Its PMDE package enhances heat dissipation performance by expanding the backside electrode and optimising the heat dissipation path. This accomplishes the same electrical characteristics as conventional packages in a smaller package size.

The proprietary compact PMDE package provides a land pattern equivalent to the conventional SOD-323 type. Reviewing the backside electrode and heat dissipation path enabled the company to provide the same electrical characteristics (i.e. current, withstand voltage) as the standard SOD-123FL package (3.5mm × 1.6mm) in a smaller package size, contributing to board miniaturisation by decreasing mounting area by approximately 42%. Moreover, mechanical strength is approximately 1.4 times higher than that of the SOD-123FL, decreasing the risk of solder cracking when stress is applied to the board, offering greater mounting reliability.

The PMDE package lineup comprises eight models in the RBxx8 series of Schottky barrier diodes, two models in the RFN series of fast recovery diodes, and two models in the VS series of transient voltage suppressors. A variety of circuit applications can be achieved with compact diodes.

The package provides the same electrical characteristics as the traditional SOD-123FL package in a smaller package size ensuring greater heat dissipation performance and mounting reliability. Also, all automotive-compatible part numbers are qualified under the AEC-Q101 standard for automotive reliability.

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