Real-time location systems specialist agreement covers technology and services

15-02-2022 | Arrow | Test & Measurement

Arrow Electronics has signed an agreement with Quuppa. Under the agreement, the company will resell Quuppa products and services to its customer base.

Quuppa’s Intelligent Locating System offers tracking of tags and devices to within a few centimetres and with millisecond latency. The technology platform is gaining widespread use in indoor tracking applications. Its combination of cost-effectiveness, reliability, and performance proves successful in areas ranging from industry and healthcare to retail and security.

The locating system is highly scalable and provides an open API that eases integration with existing and future systems. It includes inbuilt telemetry and monitoring, which removes the necessity for active maintenance and reduces the cost of ownership combined with the long-lasting tags and ease of deployment.

RTLS technology has opened up a market for many new applications. In industrial settings, RTLS enables a safer and more efficient workplace, tracking assets, optimising their use and alerting personnel to possible dangers. The healthcare sector, which has long understood the benefits of automatically tracking medical equipment in hospitals, can now extend monitoring to benefit vulnerable patients. And nowhere is the performance and versatility of this RTLS better shown than in sports, where the technology is deployed to track the position of ice hockey players, and the puck, in real-time.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us to expand the Quuppa customer base and sales reach via Arrow’s network in the EMEA region,” said Sammy Loitto, CEO of Quuppa.

“Location services are being adopted across many markets, and the addition of Quuppa’s portfolio gives our customers further choice and flexibility in their product designs,” said Matthias Hutter, vice president product management and supplier marketing EMEA, Arrow Electronics.

By Nigel Seymour

Nigel has worked in the advertising and magazine publishing industry for many years prior to helping publish articles in the early years of Electropages. He has worked with technical agencies producing documents and artwork for the web over the last few years. He has been products editor for Electropages for over five years.